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LEGO Universe

This page is about all the LEGO Themes and games. It will be a long page, so if you cannot pay attention for very long, DO NOT READ.

LEGO UniverseEdit

LEGO Universe is an MMOG that LEGO made to get players to be able to work together and get them to make friends. There are contests constantly and there is a F2P. You used to have to buy the Disk, but now you can download it from the site. There has been another game called The Great Minifigure Search that was made to tell people about LEGO Universe. If you got Pioneer Status in the Great Minifigure Search, you would get the Friend of Bradford Rant achievement and get the shirt. If you were in Beta you would get the Beta Tester shirt also.

Preplay Disk Costed: 39.99

Disk Costed: 19.99

Disk Sale Costed: 9.99

F2P costs: Free

1 Month Subscription Costs: 9.99

6 Month Subscription Costs: 49.99

1 Year Subscription Costs: 89.99