LEGO Universe

LEGO® Universe is a MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) The
Universe kits

LEGO Universe

game no longer sells CD's in stores. To get the game now you must Download Free-To-Play (or as some call it F-2-P) and upgrade it to full version. F2P is a version of the game where you cannot go around to planets other than Avant Gardens. It can get boring, but that's when you get the upgrade. The prices are very good for a MMOG: One Month: $9.99, 6 Months: Different awards every month. The price drops but you must pay it at one time.

1 Year (12 Months) Different awards every

LEGOUniverse World

month. The price drops but you must pay it at one time.

The game is all about saving imagination and defeating the Baron (Baron Typhonus, Leader of the Maelstrom, AKA, Antagonists). And the SB (Spider Boss, First Maelstrom monster). On August 9th, 2011, A clone of the Spider Boss was released to fight.

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