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1) No inappropriate language of any sort. Name calling. Swearing, etc... Is inappropriate language

2) No Spam (This includes saying the same thing over and over and being random or annoying (i.e. I like pie, I like pie, I like pie, I like pie etc...)).

3) Please respect the Moderators and Admins on this wiki regardless of what they do. (On the chat, chatmods will have a star next to their name)

4) Do not edit just for the sake of editing, edit when you need to. (Like a spelling mistake or left out information).

5) Post all pictures LEGO-related in the Media section. Anything other than LEGO-related images posted or uploaded on this wiki may result in a ban or chatban on the user who did it, or an admin will simply remove the picture.


7) The official language is English, no other language unless a ChatMod says it's ok. (Unless they put a translation to what they said in brackets)

Thank You for understanding!

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